Thursday, 15 September 2016



Carolyn's Noah's Ark

Back of her Noah's ark quilt.

Carolyns Aliya, from Kennedy to Ben Gurion.

Carolyns landscape with quilting

Carolyn's Kadishers

A hand full of baby bibs 

And her new bag.

Shelly's painting on canvas.

Roni's Strippy quilt called Sunset

Back of Roni's quilt showing her quilting 

Edna's paper pieced beauty

Fay's Pomegranates from a workshop by Gilian Travis

Iris's Tradition with a Twist

Iris's cats and Dogs quilt.

Ofra's baby quilt 1

Ofra's baby quilt 2

Zvia's Strippy quilt from leftovers

Closeup of Zvia's quilting

Michal demonstrating her scrappy piecing

Scraps coming together
Finished result
Well done.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Accent Quilters meeting August 2nd 2016

                                                       Bag made by Fay Morris
Little blocks of Hats by Fay M

Half Square triangles made by Fay M

Two small baby 

 Another quilt completed for Ha Bayit Shel Benji by Terry Mowszowski

 A bed runner started 5 years ago and finally quilted by Terry M

 Another pieced  quilt top ready for quilting for Ha Bayit Shel Benji by TerryM

My own quilt completed and quilted pattern from Jaybird designs by Terry M

"Never kiss by the Garden Gate" Quilt started 20 years ago and finally completed with embroidery by Keren. A collaboration started together then and completed together now.

A slice and dice type quilt started a long time ago and completed recently by Keren D

A gift for a friends baby by Keren D.

 Another gift and baby quilt  made quickly and easily by Keren D.

Quilt made for her Granddaughter ready for Keren to take tonight to the USA.

                          Zvia, started the talk on Seminole piecing and gave the first Demo.

Zvia's quilt she made years ago using the Seminole Piecing technique from the book below.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Pnina's modern baby quilt
 SHOW AND TELL from the July 5th Meeting of the 
Accent Quilters group:

A quilt made from a challenge she received three fabrics
and the rest she added to make this charming piece.

Another modern quilt.

Well done, free motion quilting seen from the back.

Fay with one of her many pouches she recently made

Edna's beautiful paper pieced quilt

Iris showed her quilt  she made from a workshop
she took in 2012 with Jillian Travis.

Carol C with one of her mini quilts with a cat theme

The second cat theme mini quilt.

Carol C and her large quilt made from a pattern her sone designed, for her son in Mexico

Ofra's Chuppah made for her son's wedding and completed now with quilting

Closeup of Ofra's chuppah

Zvia with three of her blocks that she taught at the latest summer workshop 

A quilt quilted by Carol

Add The back of the quilt.

Another quilt for the"Benji" project

A quilt made by Carol and her friend Dina for the "Benji" project

Two of Terry's kimono panel quilts
Terry's Glorious Clamshell quilt top complete ready for quilting
Terry's quilt made by [found] sewn
1/2 square half square triangles

Following are a selection of beautiful quilts from our Guest speaker Tamar D. She spoke about using a variety of different textures  such as voile, sheers, lace, ribbons,  silk scarves, including, plastic bags from the supermarket, and newsprint were amongst her suggestions, how to overlay, and various other techniques she uses in her constructions.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful works with us and helping us thing outside the box.
A quilt called "Low tide" reminding her of her beloved mother who
loved archeology
Our guest Tamar's first quilt "Footsteps"
using lace and sheer fabrics.

"Stones of Silence" Scene of Jerusalem
with  shadows of people, one being her Aunt

Thank you everyone for a wonderful meeting a inspiring show and tell. 
See you all next meeting August 2nd.